How To Earn Money From Binomo App Very Easy Way

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Bonomo app that in today’s time many people keep looking for ways to earn money sitting at home on the internet. One of which is Binomo trading. And by trading Bonomo you can easily earn money.

And you will find many apps for trading and one of which is the Binomo app. Which is a very good app to earn money by trading. And so in this app, you can start trading by investing a small amount.

How To Earn Money From Binomo App

How To Earn Money From Binomo App
How To Earn Money From Binomo App

And the first thing you have to do is to register on Binomo, then you can easily earn money by investing money in Binomo.

There is no such program of Bonomo from which you can earn money directly, but you can earn good money by investing in trading.

And for this, you have to deposit money in Binomo. So you can earn money by putting your money at stake.

And it is very easy to bet in Bonomo. After going to the dashboard, you can see a graph. And which is up and down from time to time. Whatever you understand, the graph is the only means of earning money.

And what you have to keep that graph in mind. And if you think that now the graph is going to go up. Those who click on the dashboard up button according to the scheduled time, if the graph remains above.

And the one who doesn’t go down, you will win. And if the graph will go down now, then you click the button below, if the graph does not go up, then you will win the trade placed on Bonomo, otherwise, you will lose money.

Account types in Binomo

How To Earn Money From Binomo App
How To Earn Money From Binomo App

And in Binomo you get the benefit of 4 types of accounts. And if you use Bonomo. And so you should have full knowledge about these four types.

How to create a demo account in Binomo App

Which as soon as you create a Bonomo account. And then you are given this account. And you can do trading without investing any money in it.

  • Which is a unique opportunity to try all the features of the platform without investing any money.
  • And that at any time, $1,000, €1,000 or.
  • Which is likely to fill virtual money in the amount of ₹ 65,000
  • Training of business capital management skills.
  • A great start for novice traders.

Create gold account

How To Earn Money From Binomo App
How To Earn Money From Binomo App
  • And the detailed list of assets available for trading.
  • And a fast withdrawal process for a profit of up to 24 hours.
  • There is a return of up to 86% on the trade.
  • Which is the increased size of the appropriate Bonus when funding the accounts.
  • And Advisor services with the personal manager,
  • on any issues that may arise during the trade.
  • Weekly Cashback 5%

How to create VIP Account

And if you invest Rs 1000 or more in Binomo. And then you will be given this VIP account. Which provides Binomo personal program account service and exclusive trading conditions for large deposits.

  • Our VIP customers can get up to a 100% bonus.
  • business profit has reached 87%.
  • And which has the ability to withdraw benefits in less than 4 hours.
  • Available in a comprehensive list of assets.

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