5 Ways How To Make Money On Like App

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Like App is a very popular app. And if you run Tiktok. And this is how it happens to live too. And you can also share videos & Images on Likee App. And with this, you can also earn some pennies.

How To Make Money On Like App

How To Make Money On Like App
How To Make Money On Like App

Which Like App is a very popular app? And the way Tiktok was run, also works in the same way. And in this also you can share images and videos. Along with this, if you can make money from some J Like App in your spare time.

#1. Earn money from Go Live

And as I have already told you that you can make money with hashtags. And there you can also earn good money from GoLive. And for that but it’s you have to come live.

But this GoLive option is not available to all users. And when you complete 35 levels. And then only after that do you have to get the option to come Live.

So you have to come live to earn money in this, and after that, you have to perform something like this. Which is liked by your viewers, if your program choice comes. So then they send you a gift for this.

#2. earn money by posting videos

Which if you are any talented in the field. And you can upload your making video to it. After the video is uploaded, the more people will see it, the more you will benefit.

And there are options like Like, Comment, and Share in the video. Which helps you a lot in earning pennies. Your fan following should be more on this app.

only then you can earn Pennies. And the more views you get on your video or the more people like it, the more profit you get.

#3. Earn money from hashtag

How To Make Money On Like App
How To Make Money On Like App

And if you work in the Like App. And or use Like App. And then you must know about Hashtag. There are many hashtags available to the Creator on Like. And this Hashtag is issued by any big company.

And those who make their videos on this hashtag whenever they want to promote their product. And your video becomes viral. Which in return like an app gives you money.

#4. Publish Android Apps Can Earn Money

Which is one of the important considerations for earning an application. And that is to correctly choose the platform for which you want to develop the application.

And Google Play store is one of the most notable platforms for publishing and distributing Android applications. This provides developers with several benefits,

including a variety of ways to measure app development and performance on the Play Store. Says some statistics. And that Android developers usually earn around $5000 with their applications on Play Store.

#5. Using in-app advertising

How To Make Money On Like App
How To Make Money On Like App

Which is another powerful alternative to in-app advertising. And which can be used to earn money with android applications. and that offer in-app purchases.

These companies use different models which are used for advertising. And a well-known model is known as the cost-per-click model for advertising. Moreover,

The partnership company usually requires a small commission from the advertisement. A general rule of thumb for using in-app ads is to use contextual ads. So that suits the content of your application.

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