Cobie Smulders is an award winning Canadian model and renowned international actress.

Joe who is commonly recognized for his TV and film roles. And Coby’s most notable.

character was as Robin Scherbatsky in the film How I Met Your Mother.

So which he was nominated for People’s Choice Award. Joe Coby Smulders was born on 3 April 1982 in Vancouver,

British Columbia to a Dutch father and an English mother. And as a girl,

Kobi had set her goal to become a doctor or a marine biologist. Which, in fact,

it wasn’t until high school that Kobe began to explore acting after appearing in several school productions.

And as a teenager, Coby had caught the eye of a modeling agency. Which led to many years traveling

the world to places like France, Japan, Italy, Greece and Germany. Which was nonetheless when

Coby’s modeling career was on the rise. And even then she managed to go to school,

having graduated with honors from high school in 2000. Joe Coby Smulders first appeared in the

TV series Jeremiah in 2002. So the following year, she had the lead role of Juliette Droil in the drama Veritas the Quest.

And in 2004, he did the film Walking Tall. Following which, he made guest appearances in

the plays Andromeda and The L Word. Joe Smulders next joined the cast of How I Met Your Mother in 2005.

And that year, she also appeared in the movie Long Weekend. Shortly thereafter,

he did the short films Escape, both in 2006. And from 2009 to 2012,

the actress did some big screen projects including Slammin’ Salmon and Avengers.

And she played Maria Hill in Agents of Shield between 2013 and 2015. And during this time,

Smulders also starred in the films Safe Heaven, Delivery Man, They Came Together,

Captain America the Winter Soldier. , unexpected and consequences.

And after that she voiced Annie in an episode of Animals. And she played Ruby in

the 2016 comedy-drama flick The Intervention. And a year later the Canadian beauty had appeared

in eight episodes of A Series of Unfortunate Events, as well as in the films Literally,

Right Before Aaron, and More. In which that year, he also erformed on stage in the play Present Laughter.

Joe Smulders began playing Lisa Turner in Friends From College in 2017.