Joe Jackman Thomas Harlow was born on March 13, 1998, in Louisville

Kentucky. And he is the son of Maggie Harlow businessman 

Brian Harlow. He has a younger brother, Claiborne Clay Harlow.

Joe Harlow's grandfather lived across the street from designer Tommy Hilfiger.

And Harlow moved with her family from Shelbyville to Louisville as a child.

She started rapping at the age of 12. And he and his friend Kopelen have used

Guitar Hero microphone and a laptop to record songs as they sing. So he made a CD

called Rippin' and Rappin' and sold copies at his school, Highland Middle School

Joe Harlow acquired a professional microphone when he was in seventh grade

made his first mixtape, Xtra Credits, using the nickname Mr.

Harlow. He has formed a group called Moose Gang with various friends.

In November 2015, Harlow released her first commercial album, the EP The Handsome Harlow

It was released on Gil Holland's Sonablast! record label. Throughout high school,

He often played sell-out shows at venues such as Louisville's Mercury Ballroom, Headliners,

Haymarket Whiskey Bar. In March of the same year, he opened for Vince Staples in Louisville.

In June 2016, less than a month after graduating from Atherton High School, he released Mixtape 18,

The first album on his label and music group, Private Garden. And the collective also includes 

Harlow's frequent collaborator, Homies, During the following year, Harlow performed at

South by Southwest, Bonnaroo Music Festival, and Forecastle Festival.