John Travolta born 18 February 1954 Buva is an American actor and singer.

And he appeared in the television sitcom Welcome Back Kotter 1975–1979 during the 1970s and

came to public attention starring in the box office successes Carrie 1976 Saturday Night Fever 1977 Grease 1978 and Urban Cowboys.

And the youngest of the children, Travolta was born and raised in Englewood, 

New Jersey, an inner-ring suburb of New York City in Bergen County, New Jersey.

His father, Salvatore Sam Travolta 8 November 1912 was a semi-professional American football

Player and attended high school but dropped out as a junior in 1971 at the age of 17.

And after leaving school, John Travolta moved across the Hudson River to New York City and had a.

Role in the touring company of the musical Grease and Broadway in Over Here, singing the Sherman Brothers' song Dream Drummin.

John Travolta's first screen role in California was as a victim in an emergency.

Joe But his first significant film role was as Billy Nolan. and a bully who was inspired to play a prank on the character of

Sissy Spacek in the horror film Carrie 1976. So around that time, he landed his.

Star-making role as Vinnie Barbarino in the ABC TV sitcom Welcome Back,

Kotter 1975–1979. And in which his sister Ellen also occasionally appeared.