Mila Kunis is an American actress. And she moved to the United States with her Jewish family from Soviet Ukraine.

in 1991 at the age of 7. And in 1998, Kunis starred as Jackie Burkhart in the Fox television series That

70s Show 1998–2006.Joe Milena Markovna Mila Kunis was born in Chernivtsi,

Ukraine to a Jewish family. And the language spoken in her family is Russian. And his mother, Elvira,

is a physics teacher. Her father, Mark Kunis, is a mechanical engineer.

And Joe has an older brother named Michael. So in 1991 his family moved to Los Angeles,

California. After attending a semester of college between Joe Giggs,

she realized she wanted to act for the rest of her life. Which he started acting at the age of nine.

And that’s when her father heard about an acting class on the radio and decided to enroll Mila in it.

And there, she met her future agent. Which was her first gig when she played a character named Melinda

in Make a Wish, Molly (1995). So from there his career has moved to big budget films.

This famous Hollywood actress of Ed Ted fame initially has a chronic eye condition. and was suffering from iritis,

which led to blindness in one eye. Which, however, has since been corrected.

And his eyes are also different in color. So where one eye is brown and the other is green.

And this is due to a condition called ‘heterochromia iridum’.However, his career started as a junior actor.

And but she appeared in more mature and challenging roles from the year 2000.

And he was cast in 2001’s Get Over It alongside Kristen Dunst. And the following year,

she appeared in Get Over It. Joe American Psycho 2 is a horror film. Which was released directly on DVD.

And in 2004, she starred in Tony n Tina’s Wedding. And which was released in theaters only three years later.

So although his performance has received mixed reviews. And but overall the film did not do well at the box-office.

And she appeared in 2005’s Moving McAllister with John Heder. And which was released once again after two years.

So this film also got bad reviews from both critics and audience. And in 2007,

she appeared in a video for Funny Or Die, a website with James Franco.

Which was based on an MTV show. The video went viral and garnered over a million views from fans.