Toby Keith Cowell heñói 8 jasypoteĩ ary 1961 -pe ha'e peteĩ opurahéiva,

purahéi ohaíva, mba'eapohára ha productor discográfico Tetã peteĩ reko Amérikagua pegua.

Ojekuaa comercialmente héra oñeme'ẽva rupive, Keith oguenohẽ irundy álbum estudio peteĩha, 

oheja mboyve Mercury ary 1998. , avei umi... Paquete de Golpes Tuichavéva

Mercurio opaichagua departamento-pe guarã. Opaite umi álbum oĩva disco-pe ohupyty

certificación Gold or Higher, ha ojapo heta umi sencillo tenondegua, umíva apytépe debut,

Should Have Been a Cowboy oñemotenondéva lista tetãme ha ombopuvéva década de 1990. ha'e. 

Ha’e va’ekue peteĩ purahéi tetãygua. Péicha he'i Broadcast Music Inc., ko purahéi ohupyty 3 millones de giros osê guive.

Joe Keith was born in Clinton, Oklahoma to Carolyn John, and Hubert K. Cowell Jr. 

Arkansas for a few years, but Moore moved to Oklahoma when he was still young.

Before the family moved to Moore, he would visit his grandmother in Fort Smith during the summer.

His grandmother was the owner of the Billy Garners Supper Club in Fort Smith, 

which is where Keith became interested in visiting musicians to play there.

Which he did a great job around the supper club and started getting up on the bandstand to play with the band.

He got his first guitar at the age of eight. So after the family moved to Moore,

Keith attended Highland West Junior High and Moore High School,

where he played defensively on the football team.

Keith graduated from Moore High School and worked as a derrick hand in the oil fields.

He worked his way up to become an operation manager. When Keith was 20,

His friends Scott Webb, Keith Cory, David "Yogi" Vowell and Danny Smith, with a few others,

Formed the Easy Money Band, which played at local bars as he continued to work in the oil industry.

At times, he would have to leave in the middle of a concert if he was paged to work in the oil field.