What Is Addison Rae Net Worth So Far

Hello friends, today we are going to give information about Addison Rae Net Worth. So read this article completely. Addison Rae is a rapper, record producer, and actress. Joe whose net worth is around $9 million. Addison Rae is known as a very

Addison Rae Net Worth is $9 Million Internet Celebrity. And with $4 million in pre-tax earnings in 2020, she is the highest-paid Tik Tok personality in the world. And it has earned $1 million more than Charlie D’Amelio, the most followed on Tiktok. And Addison Rae has earned $5 million in 2021. And talking about 2022, he has earned $ 9 million dollars.

Addison Rae

Addison Rae Net Worth 2019?

Addison Rae has cemented himself as a major name in pop culture. And of course, he still has an impact on Tik Tok thanks to his 88.5 million followers. Which but they have expanded their rule far beyond the app. And the 21-year-old is working hard. Which makes his net worth $4.26 million. And where is Edison Rae’s money coming from?

Addison Rae has basically gained his audience on social media. And apart from his hoardings of Tik Tok followers, he also has a huge following on Instagram with $40.2 million fans. And according to Forbes’ list of the highest-grossing Tik Tok-ers in 2022, Addison Rae earned $8.5 million from the app in 2021.

So it is most likely thanks to those numbers that it has built some major partnership brands like Fashion Nova, Alani Nu, IPSY, Vital Proteins, Samsung, and American Eagle. And a 2020 Launchmetrics report showed that Addison Rae generated $4.26 million in media impact value for American Eagle over a six-month period.

Addison Rae Net Worth 2020?

Addison Rae is the first woman to make $90,000 dollars from the Tik Tok video he sponsored on the Scenes with David Dobrik and Jason Nash podcast: Addison Rae, growing back mogul, revealed. And that number has skyrocketed since then.

Of course, she also has her own beauty brand Item Beauty which has been hugely successful. The deal was the biggest possible deal for the company and probably brought in a lot of dollars for the co-founder.

Addison Rae

Addison Rae Net Worth 2021- 2022?

Addison Rae continued to enter the beauty world with the drop of its first fragrance, Addison Rae Fragrance, in November 2021. And continuing his entrepreneurial streak.

In July 2022, Addison Rae embarked on the Y2K revival. and launched a line of throwback fashion dolls with Bonkers Toy Company. which is her doll line. Which ranges from $9.97 to $19.97. and became available in Walmart stores as well as on Amazon.

Addison Rae Net Worth List?

Net Worth in 2022$9 Million
Net Worth in 2021$5 Million
Net Worth in 2020$4.5 Million
Net Worth in 2019$3 Million
Net Worth in 2018$1 Million

Addison Rae

Addison Rae Net Worth Salary?

Addison Rae has a net worth of $9 million in 2022. She earns more than $1.5000 per sponsored post on social media. In addition, the endorsed brands also contributed substantially to her value.

The endorsed brands she was associated with are Macari Jewelers Uptown Cheapskate Fashion Nova Chantilly Boutique, etc. The above sources have added millions to the net worth of Edison Roy.

What Is Addison Rae’s Net worth?

Addison Rae has an estimated net worth of at least $9 million. And however, Forbes has reported that Addison Rae only earned a seven-figure sum from his 2020 Tik Tok earnings, which shows. Which could be worth much more than that. ,

Addison Rae Net Worth Of Video?


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