6 Ways How to make money on amazon without selling

Hello friends, in today’s article we are going to talk. How to make money on amazon without selling it is very easy to earn money on Amazon. So friends read this article completely.

How to make money on Amazon without selling Amazon is an easy way to start. Which they offer you a variety of ways to share money using their platform. And that’s how easy it is to become an Amazon best seller. earn money on amazon very easy

6 Ways How to make money on amazon without selling

6 Ways How to make money on amazon without selling
6 Ways How to make money on amazon without selling

#1 Amazon Affliate Marketing

To get started with Amazon Affiliate Marketing, you must have a website or blog where you can promote your product. And you also need to sign up as an affiliate in Amazon Associates Program first. So you can choose between two different account types including a personal account which is a professional seller account.

So as a personal account holder you will receive a referral commission of 5% on products sold through the site whereas the commission for a professional seller account is 8%. So of course the more commission you get, the more money you can earn.

#2 Become a Product Supplier

You can start by either selling your own products or becoming a product supplier to other vendors. And if you have something you can turn and quickly get to Amazon. So you should focus on being the product supplier to other vendors. Which will allow you to earn money on Amazon with minimal effort on your part.

To become a more product supplier, create your own product and upload it to Amazon’s wholesale portal. Register as a new seller on Amazon to submit your product to this portal and request access to the Amazon Wholesale program through Seller Central. So once approved by Amazon you may have three days to finalize terms with any supplier before selling your goods on the Amazon Marketplace.

#3 Start an Amazon Consulting Business

6 Ways How to make money on amazon without selling

Joe Consulting is a business model. And where you provide advice and services to other companies with your specific industry knowledge. So in return, you get paid by the hour or by the project. And counseling is perfect for those individuals. Those who want to make a side income while they have time in the day to complete the work.

One reason counseling is so popular is that the barrier to entry is low. You don’t need to start from scratch. And you can build on top of your existing networks and connections. And as long as you have a specific market in mind.

For example, if you have worked in retail for 15 years. And then you will have an experience that many other consultants or agencies do not have. You can consult with other businesses to help them launch their online stores and improve their revenue streams. And consulting is also great for people who still want to learn more about their industry. Which you can build your skills as well as increase your income.

#4 Sell Your Own Products

Many people make money on Amazon by selling their own products. Being a seller is easy. And it doesn’t require any startup fee. And the only thing you need to do is to list your product for sale on the site.

And you have to research the product you want to sell and find a listing template that suits your product. Once you do that. So making and selling on Amazon will be an easy task as it is very straightforward.

And if you don’t have a product to sell on Amazon then find the most profitable product on Amazon and then create your own version of it. And create a prototype file for the 3D printer or build your product manually with the help of family or friends who have relevant skills and knowledge. Market and sell your products on Amazon.

#5 Work for Amazon

Amazon is a giant when it comes to making money and they pay very well. And in fact, Amazon’s median salary is $28,446 per year. They offer flexible schedules.

And offer benefits like paid time off as well as matching 401k. And some of the most popular job opportunities include those of a facilities engineer and a business analyst. which these jobs pay really well

#6 Make Money with Amazon Mechanical Turk

6 Ways How to make money on amazon without selling

And Amazon Mechanical Turk is an e-commerce web service. It provides individuals and businesses with a way to complete tasks that are mostly non-repetitive, manual tasks in nature.

These are called Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs). And these are available on a marketplace known as the Amazon Mechanical Turk Marketplace. Which is governed by the consideration of what workers can and can be paid to offer in the marketplace as a way of minimizing matching errors.

Which should be some amount of additional compensation if they are wrongly matched by 1%. And that this number varies among requesters. Which is their ability to afford a high accuracy rate, thus increasing the cost of their work.

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