10 Best Website Apps To Earn Money Playing Pubg Mobile Lite

Hello friends, in today’s article we are going to talk about the 10 best websites and apps to earn money by playing Pubg mobile lite, so friends read this article completely.

There are many platforms to earn money online by playing Pubg mobile lite. And among these there are platforms that give a lot of money online, so you earn a lot of money by playing Pubg mobile lite.

10 Best website apps to earn money Playing Pubg mobile lite

Which includes certain websites and applications. Which is where you can participate in many competitions and win a lot of money and prizes. So such tournaments are available both free or paid. If you invite your friends or anyone else to these websites and apps with your promo code. So you would have received some referral income.

#1 Playerzon

PlayerZone is an online portal that offers you to play PUBG Mobile Lite and win real money and prizes. Joe PlayerZone was founded and launched on 7 November 2018. So PlayerZone was developed by two young minds from,

And users can play many games like Pubg mobile lite, free fire, etc. You can also win prizes based on your performance. Users who can also join custom rooms can get rewards for Chicken Dinner. And for each kill, you can also score.

Earn money by Playing pubg mobile lite You can easily do your Paytm Transfer, Bank Transfer, and Google Pay from PlayerZone.

#2 ChallengerMod

pubg mobile lite

Joe ChallengerMod is supposed to be our last and very popular eSports platform. And rightly considered very popular eSports for pub players to earn money by pubg mobile lite.

So this platform is available in both website and app format to earn money from Pubg mobile lite.

#3 121GameOn

Pubg mobile lite

121GameOn is also an eSports platform. Where you can earn money and rewards by tournament experience online and Hearthstone. So there are 20+ tournaments in a day. You can participate in them as much as you want. And you can earn like this.

The more you Nail in Pubg mobile lite. If you do more chicken dinners then you can earn more money.

  • Fully automated tournaments every hour
  • So 1V1 tournament is available.

You can easily take the money won from this app on your back.

#4 Pixlona

pubg mobile lite

Pixlona is considered to be another great platform for PUBG players. And Pixlona is the largest eSports platform. Through which you can participate in the PUBG Mobile Lite tournament. And you can win money and rewards for every kill by playing PUBG.

Pixlona also lets you play other games like Free Fire to earn money and rewards. And you can take the money earned in Pixlona on your back.

#5 StarWars

Which StarWars is the ultimate eSports platform? And this website can win lots of money and prizes by playing Pubg mobile lite and participating in live tournaments.

Which supports PUBG Mobile Lite, Ludo King, Free Fire, WCC2, and more games on this platform. So if you can earn money by playing other games too.

You can easily take the money won from StarWars in your Google Pay.

#6 Toornament.com

pubg mobile lite

Tournament.com is another online eSports portal with high-paying tournaments. This tournament was started in August 2017 for those PUBG players who want to earn money by playing PUBG on mobile.

A tournament is also a great platform for players and they can pay a high amount per kill which is chicken dinner.

#7 Gamerz Arena

Gamerz Area is another reliable online eSports platform. You can earn real money by playing Pubg matches. So Gamerz Area was launched in January 2017.

You can play other games like Fortnite, Call of Duty and more to earn money. and earn money

#8 UltimateBattele

the ultimate battle is the fastest-growing eSports online platform. and novices who make eSports simple by providing a level playing field to pro players with multi-format and multiple leagues.

With this, you can easily take the money earned on this platform in your back.

#9 Pubg Warfield

PUBG Warfield is also an eSports-based platform for players who are keen to play and win. So pub Warfield lets you earn money and play other war games to win prizes. And PUBG Warfield was launched in 2017.

#10 Gaming Monk

Gaming Monk is an eSports platform. What they currently have is 2 vertical offline tournaments and an online eSports portal. Till now with an expansion plan covering 16 cities till next time. Gaming Monk launched the online eSports portal in August 2017 with the idea of ​​bringing the tournament experience online. So this platform can earn a lot of money

Earn Money Playing Pubg Mobile Lite Video?


So, friends, I told you about the best websites and apps where you can play in many Pubg tournaments to earn money and prizes too. So, friends, I hope that you must have liked this article. Thank you for visiting our article.

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