6 Ways How To Make Money On Pinterest

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Looking for How To Make Money On Pinterest. Instead of viewing Pinterest as a simple photo-sharing network, consider it your global bulletin board.

In November 2013, Pinterest had 70 million users. Which are many ways to earn money from Pinterest. And as the network grows, so will your opportunities.

How To Make Money On Pinterest?

How do I make money on Pinterest
How To Make Money On Pinterest

#1 Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest?

Affiliate marketing is when you partner with companies to promote products and/or services. The company gives you a unique link that you enter in your post or pin. When someone clicks on that link and makes a purchase, you get paid a commission.

And Affiliate Marketing is considered by bloggers to be one of the many different ways to earn money. But it is also a legitimate way to make money on Pinterest.

And you can find affiliates through networks like ShareASale, FlexOffers, and others. Once you have allies to work with. So you create pins with affiliate links in the text. and earn money

#2 Generate traffic for your eCommerce products

Which if you sell products online. So considered one of the simplest ways to increase sales. and pin your product pages directly to Pinterest.

Creating a Pin that links directly to your online shop can generate meaningful traffic when paired with the keywords your ideal customers are searching for.

So before you start sharing your products on Pinterest, make sure you have Rich Pins enabled. that sync the latest information from your website to any pins created from your site.

So Product Rich Pins are able to pull the most up-to-date price, inventory, and product details from your website. So hence you don’t need to worry about manually updating the existing PIN.

#3 Join the Pinterest Creators Fund

How do I make money on Pinterest
How To Make Money On Pinterest

In 2022, Pinterest launched the Creator Fund to help creators grow and monetize their content on the platform. And these groups open quarterly and participants can earn money from the Pinterest team to help them expand their reach.

#4 Re-pin to win viewers and earn money

Pinterest is a social network, so the easiest way to get people to re-pin their pins is to be active. And pin others’ pins, especially those in your target audience. They will notice you, and may even start following your boards. and earn money

#5 Make money by teaching others Pinterest strategies

So as Pinterest continues to grow a small industry will develop around it. People have developed tools to help Pinterest users.

So after using Pinterest successfully for some time, you can earn money by teaching your strategies to others. Create e-books and courses to teach that.

So seven effective ways to make money from Pinterest. Once you become active on the network, you can develop more strategies of your own.

#6 Drive traffic to your blog and start earning money

How do I make money on Pinterest
How To Make Money On Pinterest

Joe’s Pinterest traffic is honestly a new blogger’s BFF. So when you have a new blog or website, I suggest focusing your efforts on learning.

how to drive traffic from Pinterest and monetize your blog. It is definitely much easier and faster to get traffic from Pinterest than Google when your website is new.

Which is when Pinterest is used correctly and consistently. And you can earn money by bringing a lot of traffic to your blog.

Again, you need to write blog posts that are helpful to your readers. Which is how many ads you place and which ad network you are with. Depending on which, you can potentially earn between $6 to $20 per 1,000 page views each day.

How To Make Money On Pinterest Video?


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