Best ways How To Earn Money From Mistplay App

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How To Earn Money From Mistplay App If you want to earn money from the Mistplay app, then you can earn a lot of money by playing games from this app. And you can earn a lot of money by serving your friends.

How To Earn Money From Mistplay App?

How To Earn Money From Mistplay App
How To Earn Money From Mistplay App

Slot games are considered completely safe

Which we said requires you to be reasonably active, but slot games are the exception. Slots can be found in the game search.

And all you have to do is find a slot in the game. and set your spin amount to the absolute lowest value. Then, press and hold the spin button and select “Spin up to 200 Spins” or “Bonus”. And it makes the game autoplay. And Miss play considers this active play.

This is because you set the spin amount low and because slot games like to throw bonus coins at you. That’s why you should never run out of coins.

This saves you slot games for times when you are unable to click every few minutes to keep the other game active.

Earn extra units with badges

In addition to what you earn based on your playing time, there are some badges in each game. Which will reward you with extra units.

And strangely some of these are time-based. Which is why you earn them naturally. Which however requires them to be claimed manually. But it’s only one click.

Don’t go beyond game level 8

How To Earn Money From Mistplay App

Each level in a game takes more time to achieve. Joe and once you get past level 8. So it really makes more sense to choose a new low-paying game and run through the earlier levels 1-5. Yet there are exceptions to this rule. And you can go beyond level 8.

And you’ve already reached level 8 in all or most of the other games. So you want a completely hands-on experience with slot games. You are really enjoying playing the game!

Don’t play a game for more than two hours a day

This means after playing a specific game for 2 hours in a single day, any time played after that point during that day will not earn you units.

So once you hit the 2-hour mark for a specific game. And then switch games and back up to that first game the next day.

open display every day

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Just for opening Mistplay, you get 2 free units per day. That is if you don’t plan to play a game that day. So just open the app to grab the free units.

And it’s not a massive amount of units. Which however will help you reach your payout limit more quickly. and face it. Who doesn’t like to get something for nothing?

You don’t really need to play the game

Your earnings are based on the time spent in the game. So you don’t really need to play it. And it doesn’t matter if you actually achieve something in the game.

So you have to be reasonably active by which we mean every few minutes you need to click something in the game.

You can set your phone next to you while working or watching TV at night. And every few minutes just a little click can do.

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