6 Best Ways How To Make Money On Youtube

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YouTube has become a content phenomenon. YouTube now has over 2 billion monthly active users. Those who watch 1 billion hours of video every day.

And it’s no surprise. This is why YouTube stars are often more influential than traditional celebrities. Who is going to talk in great detail about how to earn money from Youtube?

How To Make Money On Youtube

How To Make Money On Youtube
How To Make Money On Youtube

#1 Buy a YouTube Channel

When it boils down to it, there is no rule that says you need to start a YouTube channel from scratch. So if you have some cash.

So you can start your YouTube ambitions right away by buying an existing channel from another subscriber. By going this route, you can start with the existing customer base and content library.

#2 Market Your Channel

Which, unfortunately, simply posting content on YouTube won’t get you very far. And standing out from the pack requires a fair amount of marketing and customization.

#3 work for youtube and earn money

How To Make Money On Youtube
How To Make Money On Youtube

Being obsessed with YouTube and social media can potentially lead to an exciting and rewarding career in online media.

If you are a big fan of YouTube. And it might be worth considering working for a Google subsidiary online or at one of its eight office locations.

So the average annual salary of YouTube employees is $60,141 per year or about $29 per hour.

Which, at the same time, will have a brand name on your resume, which should accelerate future job searches.

#4 Join the YouTube Partner Program

If you go through all the above steps and commit yourself to growth, your channel will eventually gain traction.

At this point, you need to join the YouTube Partner Program. And which provides extended access to YouTube resources. So enables you to earn passive income through your channel.

To qualify, you must have at least 1,000 subscribers and more than 4,000 valid public watch hours within twelve months.

when you achieve these goals. Then it’s time to implement it. So your account then goes to the review queue.

Which is in order to ensure that your viewership is in line with the points. And if you are accepted. So you can set ad preferences on your channel uploads. And you can earn money on YouTube.

If your application is not accepted, you will have to wait thirty days to reapply. During that time, you will have to focus on increasing the number of your audience.

#5 Post Alternative Content

6 Best Ways How To Make Money On Youtube
6 Best Ways How To Make Money On Youtube

You don’t have to post traditional videos on YouTube. So where are you in front of the camera? And you can also post audio files, album compilations, or pictures of slide decks and presentations, for example.

For example, let’s say you publish a weekly audio podcast. So you can post a recording of a podcast on your YouTube channel with a compelling background image. And can pay for the scenes,

You can also post audio presentations with PowerPoint slides using YouTube to provide educational content for current and potential customers who own a business. Which is if your content is highly valuable.

#6 License your content

Flip that script and you can passively make money from your videos just like that. Like artists do when using their songs.

And if one of your clips goes viral, there’s a good chance every site under the sun will want to use your YouTube video.

So they have to pay you to do this, and that’s why licensing your work is so important.

You may not want to do it for all your videos but you can see if you license your most successful pieces.

How To Make Money On Youtube Videos


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