4 Best Ways How To Make Money On Tinder

Hello friends, in today’s article we are going to talk. We are going to talk in great detail about How To Make Money On Tinder. So friends read this article completely.

Tinder is also a popular online dating app and website. Which restarted the business of dating with the idea of ​​swiping right or left to show interest and earn money.

How To Make Money On Tinder?

How To Make Money On Tinder
How To Make Money On Tinder

#1 Tinder Subscriptions

Tinder earns money by giving paid subscriptions to its users. These are the three paid tiers. and Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold, and Tinder Platinum.

So in 2015, Tinder launched its first paid subscription, Tinder Plus. Which is followed by Tinder Gold in late summer 2017 and their latest service.

Tinder Platinum in late 2020. To date, there are 66 million users swiping on Tinder’s app. So 6.7 million of those users are paying.

And Tinder works on a freemium business model. Their dating app service is free but designed to be very limited in features for users to upgrade.

Those are the benefits users get by upgrading to a paid subscription to Tinder like Joe Plus, Gold, and Platinum. which the freemium model does not provide.

And like adding a message for free with every Super Like, get priority, and see who likes you. Which are Top Likes, Unlimited Likes, 1 Boost per Month, 5 Super Likes in a Day, Rewind, and Passport.

#2 Earn money with super likes

How To Make Money On Tinder
How To Make Money On Tinder

In addition to packaging features in its three subscription services together, Tinder also makes money by selling premium features individually.

So the free version gives 1 free super like every month to all the users. This is why Tinder sells the option to buy additional Super Likes in amounts of 5, 25, or 60. and earn money

#3 Earn money with boost and super boost

Joe Tinder’s other add-on premium features are Boost and Super Boost. A boost gives a user’s profile, as Tinder gives it 10x more profile views in 30 minutes. And Super Boost gives 100x more profile views in that user’s geolocation for 3 to 12 hours.

#3 Matching Functionality

Users of dating apps have the option of swiping left and right on the matches they receive. And they can chat with each other only then.

And when they have swiped right on each other’s profile. Thus using RESTful API can help you to implement this functionality on your app quickly.

#4 Tinder Plus

How To Make Money On Tinder
How To Make Money On Tinder

Which changes its price depending on the page of the Tinder users. And Tinder Plus costs $4.99 for a month, $14.99 for a half year,

and $19.99 for a year for users under 30. For users who are 30 and over, Tinder Plus costs $7.99 for a month, $23.99 for a half year, and $31.99 for a year.

Which is if a user wants to rewind the swipe or change the location. So many of the features extended by the Plus plan encourage upgrades.

And for example, a user can buy a subscription. And if they accidentally swipe the wrong way on a promising match or if they want to meet people while traveling for work.

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