Best 5 Ways How To Earn Money From Venmo App

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How to earn money from Venmo app that earns a lot of money by referring Venmo app. Those who respond to any parties in the Venmo app, also earn money.

How To Earn Money From Venmo App

How To Earn Money From Venmo App
How To Earn Money From Venmo App

#1. Bought a credit card

As we saw, you can send money using Venmo at no cost. And can receive money and make standard payments. Which is when you use credit.

card instead of your debit card or checking account. So in these scenarios, you will pay a 3% processing fee on the transaction.

And that means sending $100 to a friend via a credit card linked to your Venmo account will cost $3. Which may not sound like much. Which adds up over time.

#2. Make money with Pay-with-Venmo transactions

How To Earn Money From Venmo App
How To Earn Money From Venmo App

Venmo provides a quick, easy way for people to pay for products and services. And did you know that the seller has to pay a fee to process each purchase?

While it is free to the user, Venmo charges the merchant 1.9% of the purchase price. And also charges a flat $0.10 fee on each transaction.

And what if they spend $100 on a Home Depot item? So they’ll only get $98 of it. The other $2 goes to Venmo.

#3. immediate transfer

Suppose someone sends money to your Venmo account which you want to transfer to your bank account. And thanks to the instant transfer option you can do exactly that. And get access to those funds within 30 minutes.

Which is MUCH faster than the 3-5 business days it usually takes! You pay for the privilege. Standard withdrawals don’t cost a cent.

But Venmo takes 1.75% of anything you send via instant transfer. And so you’ll pay a minimum of $0.25 per transfer but no more than $25.

#4. Withdrawal Fees

How To Earn Money From Venmo App
How To Earn Money From Venmo App

Their debit card is another way the company generates revenue. So although you can get your hands on the cards for free. And can use it in stores without paying anything.

And there are fees for certain types of cash withdrawals. For example, if the ATM you withdraw money from isn’t in the MoneyPass network,

you’ll pay $2.50. So there is no charge. Venmo users also pay $3 for over-the-counter cash withdrawals at a bank or other financial institution.

#5. Cashback Program

One of the main incentives for using Venmo’s debit or credit card is the cashback you can earn by using it at select store merchants and on eligible purchases.

Everyone is a winner. Users get cashback, merchants increase their sales, and Venmo generates additional revenue.

And so how does Venmo make money? In association with a company called Dosh which pays it a referral commission.

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